July 28, 2011

My list.

Good morning, everyone! I am so happy that although today is Thursday - it's really my Friday! I have two more Friday's off before the college returns to the 5 day work schedule and I need to make the most of it! I'm been kind of unmotivated the last few weeks and I need to snap out of it! So I figured I'd share my to-do list with all of you...

1. Finish and hang goodwill frames - I've already painted them black but just need to find something to display in them!

2. Paint and reupholster cane chairs - I have a couple of ideas bouncing around in my head but just need to find the right fabric! 

3. Repaint serpentine dresser

 4. Finally refinish and paint end table, coffee table and 1950's buffet that I have stored in the garages of a few friends...by the way, I have the greatest friends who graciously volunteer their space for my storage :-)

5. Build another shutter and suitcase table for my Etsy store

6. Start hunting for a new sofa - this is kind of the look I'm going for but at nearly $1800 it's way over my budget :-(

6. Gather up all my unwanted stuff for a yard sale this weekend!

I suppose that's enough to keep me busy for a few weeks! Until next time...

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