August 12, 2011

The three dollar dining room table.

I love bargains and on my recent trip to Portland, I had hoped to find some good ones that would allow for budget friendly decorating of my sister's new place. Little did I know I would find the deal of the century!!

After a quick trip to IKEA (Yeah right...I'm pretty sure we had breakfast, shopped and had lunch before we were done), I convinced my sister to stop at a Goodwill Distribution Center on the way home. I believe the words "they never have anything good" came out of her mouth but I insisted and she is glad I did because we found this...
A dining room table with two leaves (which are not pictured!) for a whopping $3! I wanted to take a picture of the price tag for proof but started sanding and cleaning it before I remembered and by then it was scraped off. Oh well.

My sis loved the look of the long dresser I recently made over, so I gave the top a light sanding and decided to paint the top black and the bottom white. I would have sanded completely and stained the top but time was of the essence and I didn't have the luxury of waiting hours between coats of stain so I opted for the black and it worked just fine.

Here's the after...
This puppy seats 12 when both leaves are in and I still can't believe it cost less than a gallon of unleaded!

I only had my iphone so the pictures aren't the best...but you get the idea! It fits the dining room so well, too! And the only thing left to complete the set, is to find a couple of long benches which I'm sure my sister is scouring Craigslist for right now :-)


  1. Oh wow!!!! You made this awesome...nicely done!!! Bet your sister will happily go to GW w/ you again.

  2. I have a table that is very similar to this. I have been wanting to do this look to it. Now that I see how it looks I think I'm ready to transform my table. Thanks for the post.

  3. Thank you, ladies! And Sally, I'd love to see your table post transformation!

  4. GOOOOO girl! I'm originally from Portland (many many years left a couple of years ago to live in midwest with my hubby) and I MISS the overflow GW as we called it.

    Do they still have clothes by the POUND??? Loved that!

    Smiles, Suzanne now in NW Illinois