September 16, 2011

Kitchen drawer update.

After blogging about wanting to organize my kitchen drawers last month, I've finally gotten around to doing it! Well, I've done one drawer. But something is better than nothing, right? Right.

It's amazing what a few simple, cheap, white drawer organizers from IKEA can do for a person. Here was the mess before...
Ugh...that stresses me out just remembering it use to look like that.

It probably took less than 20 minutes to empty the drawers, wash everything and put them back nicely organized. Although, there was one small hiccup.

The organizers didn't quite fit. The far right side hung over the edge of the drawer just a bit, which is kind of comical considering all of my kitchen cabinets and drawers are from IKEA.
You'd think these things would fit their own drawers, oh well. I just snipped off a little of the plastic and it fit fine. There are two organizers placed side by side so the edge that I snipped is tucked under the other one so you don't see any rough edges.

And finally, if you have a keen eye and are thinking that the drawer doesn't seem to be fully pulled out, you would be correct! Unfortunately, the fridge that I currently have is a little larger than it should be and sticks out, limiting the space I have to pull out the drawer. Oh well, first world problems.
And what about the two lower drawers with my pots and pans? Well, those remained untouched. One thing at time, people, one thing at a time.

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