March 4, 2012

Hob Lobs.

Yesterday was my very first ever visit to the happiest place on Earth! Hmm...what's that? You say that's Disneyland? Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

I say it's Hobby Lobby!

I had been hearing about this magical place where knobs and pulls are overflowing in abundance and it's true!!
Need a particular color...Hob Lobs has you covered!! And from what I hear they are always 50 % off so you can get some adorable stuff for way cheap!
I love me some letters (and these were perfect for a little project I'm working on!)
They had lanterns galore!!
 More letters....big and small! You better believe a few R's from this display made their way into my cart. But I wish I would have grabbed that ampersand! Ugh...oh well.
 Two aisles of empty frames!! It's like they read my mind!!
 I don't scrapbook but occasionally need some paper -- this selection makes other stores look like they sell it out of the trunk of my car. Is this not incredible??
They had the biggest selection of cute little metal signs I've ever seen!
 And just in case I ever need a captains wheel, I now know where to find one for 1/2 price!
The sad part is the closest Hobby Lobby is out in Rancho Cucamonga - an hour away!! And that's without traffic. Although, I just checked their website to make sure that was really the closest and there's a new one opening down in South Orange County in May! Still a little far but about 15 minutes closer!

I. Can't. Wait.  


  1. Ahhh yes. We have one a few blocks from's dangerous! Especially with all that Christian Music they feed through the system! It's like Jesus himself is telling me to buy that spool of polka-dot ribbon! :)