March 21, 2012

Letter wall.

Good morning, everyone!! I'll have to keep this brief since I was up way too late playing Draw Something (anyone else playing?? It's so addicting!) and need to leave for work soon! But I really wanted to share my latest little project.

Ever since I got my new furniture and rearranged things, I've had this empty space above my desk. I kind of had an idea of what I wanted to do with it and after my recent (and first!) trip to Hobby Lobby, it was decided!
A letter wall! Since my name is Rachel - I obviously gravitated toward the letter R. I laid all the letters out on the floor trying to figure out the best layout and settled on one but that kind of went out the window as I started hanging them...but the beauty is that most of the letters are hung with a little bit of painters tape except for the big gold,  middle silver, and smaller black one below the gold one. Those were a bit too heavy to tape :-)
But the rest were just thin, lightweight pieces of cardboard or wood so the tape worked perfectly! Not a one has fallen off :-) Plus if after I live with it in this configuration and realize I need to make a change, it'll be super easy! (Except for the ones that are nailed - but I'll just work around those!)

And I still need to paint them but I haven't quite decided which ones should get which color, so for now they are au naturel.
Most of the letters were purchased from Hobby Lobby and all together cost less than $30!


  1. Great letter collage idea! I can't believe they're hung with painters tape...another great idea! Loving the desk!