May 25, 2010

She's crafty.

I've never really thought of myself as crafty. Sure, I've made a wreath or two but other than that I'm pretty limited in my creations. But I guess that's changing...I've recently been making things right and left and figured I'd share them with you!!
A few weeks ago I was thinking about something to hang above the mantle and found an adorable ruffled felt rosette wreath while browing craft sites. The old me would have tried to buy it, but instead, I set out to make it myself! And believe it or not, it was surprisingly easy!

I began with a trip to Michael's for a foam wreath, about 25 pieces of white felt, and push pins.
Then I used a can of corn to trace circles in the felt and then cut them all out - this was the most time consuming portion of the project!
Then I took a felt circle, folded it half and then in half again to create the rosette.
Then the fun part began - I just started pinning the rosettes into the foam wreath! There was no real pattern to follow - just kept alternating how I stuck them in.

And before I knew it (actually 3 hours later!) I had a lovely, handmade ruffly felt rosette wreath!
This wasn't exactly the finished product...but it was very close. I added some additional rosettes to the interior and refluffed certain parts but you get the idea! I absolutely love it!

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  1. Clever & beautiful! Thanks for the step by step instructions.