April 8, 2014


Wow. It's been so long I feel like I need to introduce myself again! My name is Rachel and I'm the gal behind Suite Revival. I am still alive and kicking despite a very long blogging hiatus!

I've been gone 6 months! Geez...that's crazy. Time sure flies when you're not blogging! A lot has happened in those 6 months, too!

  • Celebrated some holidays
  • Rang in a New Year
  • Turned 34 years old
  • Booked a trip to New Zealand
  • Been accepted to graduate school
  • Moved to the beach
Did you catch that last one?? Move. To. The. Beach. I'm so giddy, it's ridiculous! And technically it hasn't happened yet....it's happening on Saturday!! But by Saturday night I will be falling sleep to the sounds of the ocean. I'll be sleeping amongst a heap of cardboard boxes (much like I am now) but the ocean will be there, none the less!

The owners (also friends and one of my New Zealand travel mates) of the place I currently rent decided to sell the property and so I figured I'd take this opportunity to explore all of my options! There were a few places that came to mind when I asked myself the question, "If I could live anywhere in Southern California, where would I live?" 

Taking out anything too far away from work, I settled on a few beach communities. Before I knew it, I found the perfect little place. 

Here's a little teaser for you...
And when I say little, I mean 390 square feet little. I didn't think it possible, but I'm actually losing square footage! Ha! Oh and the new place is a studio vs my current one bedroom. So needless to say, I have a ton of ideas floating around my head on how to make every square foot count! 

I'm super excited about this new chapter and can't wait to share pictures of the place and all the little projects that will come along!

Until next time (and I promise there will be a next time!)

November 11, 2013

Liquid sunshine.

It's been awhile since I've shared a furniture makeover but I have a quick one to share with you today!

My friend Katie picked up this piece at a thrift store and asked I could give it a little makeover. Obviously, I said yes! It had cute details and I loved the legs!
She wanted a bright yellow on the bottom and a "distressed" looking top. I'll be honest, when she showed me the paint color, I thought it was a little...um, bright. 
The picture above doesn't quite do the "brightness" justice, but it was looking good!
I did 3 coats of the yellow and then moved on to the top.
She wanted it a  little darker but to still look like wood so instead of sanding and staining, I simply wiped on a little charcoal paint with a foam brush to darken up the wood. There was no method to this, I just kind of played it by ear and darkened a few areas more than others.
I think it turned out pretty good, too!
I gave it one more coat of charcoal using even less paint this time and it was perfect. Here's the final product!
And because I love a good before and after... 

 Until next time...

October 30, 2013

Quick succulent project.

Well, well, well....look who's back? It's me! You may (or may not) have noticed that I took a little break from blogging over the last 6 weeks! It wasn't intentional...it just kind of happened.

But I'm here now and I have a fun little project to share with you!
Last time I was at IKEA, I picked up this assorted succulent. It was only $3 and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! I have these two little wall candles that are part of my larger gallery wall which I picked up at Christmas boutique at least 4 years ago. And in the last 4 years, I've never lit them! Mostly because I didn't want the wall or candle holders to get sooty. 
So replacing the candles with the succulent was an easy way to spruce them up and give them new life!  All I had to do was break apart the succulent and replace the candle in each holder with some dirt and a stalk of the plant.
Each stalk had a little dirt ball root so I popped that in and then filled in the rest with some of the loose dirt.
I gave them a bit of water and I'm done! I'm not much of a gardener so I hope they live! 
 For now,  I love the little pop greenery it adds to the wall and it's actually inspiring me to bring in other elements into the wall, hence that lone gold frame. I've been thinking about mixing in some color and just need to live with it while I decide. 
Swapping out the dusty candles with the plants, helped turned those holders from something I liked into something I love again! I love when it's that easy :-) 

September 6, 2013

Margaret's House Update.

Hey everyone! I hope all of my local friends are staying as cool as possible....this heat is completely unbearable and makes me long for fall and winter even more than normal! Please hurry....I can't take this for much longer!
Okay. That's enough whining :-)
Despite the heat...the work at Margaret's House is moving along and I thought I'd give you a little update. If you forgot what it look liked or don't know what Margaret's House is, you can check out all of the before pictures and read about it here. Those were all from the MLS listing and were chock full of wallpaper! Lots and lots of wallpaper!
But now look...the wallpaper is gone!!
 Unfortunately, it didn't magically come down! Wouldn't that be amazing though? Anyway, Ross and Sarah are wallpaper removing machines and did it all over the course of a few days.
There was a bit of water damage near that left window but other than that, the walls were left in really good shape.
It's all moving along really quickly and all of these rooms including the foyer have already been primed and painted! There were an awesome group of guys who "labored" on Labor Day to get that done! But unfortunately, I don't have pictures to share just yet.  I went to the house last night to drop off some donated goodies and it was just too dark for pictures.  But I can tell you that I love the paint color....it makes a huge difference in updating the room! Since new carpet/flooring isn't in the budget right now that means....we are now ready to start moving furniture and decorating the space!
We're hoping to make some progress this weekend and I can't wait to see how it all comes together!
Until next time...happy weekend!

August 30, 2013


I know I'm kind of late to the game, but after Google Reader went away I switched over to something called "The Old Reader." It was a great alternative to Google Reader but apparently they were a little overwhelmed with the number of people who started using it so it shut down. Sad day.
Since then, I've been using Bloglovin and I really like it (despite it's silly name.) It has a great format and it's easy to navigate!
If you're looking for a new way to follow blogs and kind of gave up after Reader abandoned us, you should check it out!
On another note, have you heard that iGoogle is also going away??
Why are they doing this to us??

August 29, 2013

A real office tour.

As most of you know, I have a full time job at a local college. Thankfully, I love what I do and the people I work with so it often doesn't even feel like work! Well, back in July, we had a bit of restructuring with some retirements and department shuffling and with that shuffling I was moved from the front office/reception area into an actual office! My job remained the same but I now have a door and I love it!

As soon as the idea of moving into an office came up, I began scouring Pinterest for some ideas on how to decorate! I found a ton of beautiful spaces but they all had one common denominator - they were home offices.  In a home office you can paint, choose your own furniture, float your desk in the middle of the room, add a great rug, curtains, etc.
In most cases, you can not do those things in a office-office. You're stuck with file cabinets, white walls, and stock desks. So I thought I'd share a few things I brought in to give my work office a little personality!
Here's my door! It has my name on it and everything :-) A big plus to this space is I have a large floor to ceiling window with a green space view. Granted my back is to it most of the time, but still. A view is a view. 
 I found this colorful notepad in the Dollar Spot at Target!
Have you noticed how hideous most traditional office supplies are? Black plastic is not my cup of tea so I found this little jar at HomeGoods and filled it with my essential writing gear. Believe it or not, my favorite pens are these uber cheap ones from Bic!
This little guy traveled all the way from Scotland and is now living in my overhead cabinets.  
 I have my "R" which I picked up at a boutique in New Orleans.
 One of my favorite scriptures (Philippians 4:8) hangs just behind me in a frame that I sprayed purple.
Again with office supplies, most are just terrible and have no character! Luckily, I found this industrial looking tray at HomeGoods to serve as my inbox. It's the perfect size and I actually like when I see things in there!
 This was a standard beige document stand which I gave a coat of white spray paint and then taped off the back to create some purple stripes. It definitely livens it up as much as a document stand can be livened up, right?
 My lamp and owl add a little color to this corner of the office. The lamp was spray painted in Rustoleum's Coral Isle and I picked up the turquoise owl from Ross. I brought the mirror in from home, which I got at IKEA years ago. This is my view all day and I love the pop of color!
Here's the larger view from the doorway...
And finally, I have this large wall above my little console table. I've been trying to decide on what to put in that space since July and haven't found anything that really grabs me yet, so it's remained empty. I was toying with the idea of a map inspired gallery or maybe one large colorful painting. Whatever it is, I haven't found it yet so it's will stay this way until I do!
So there you have it! A tour of a more realistic office :-)
Until next time....
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August 23, 2013

Margaret's House.

Happy Friday, everyone! I have a really exciting project to share today! Actually....it's only the before pictures but it's still exciting!

First of all...I am not moving. It seems like every blogger I read is announcing big plans like a move or a baby and neither of those are in my near future. But I'll tell you what is...Margaret's House! These pictures are all courtesry of the MLS so they are true before pictures :-)
 Margaret's House is a new mission that Kingdom Causes, a local non-profit organization, is opening as transitional housing for homeless families in the community. The home was originally built in 1989 by Margaret Streelman and was dedicated as a place of hospitality and rest using it as a B&B.
This sign hangs on the wall just to right of the entrance.  So fitting and so true :-)
We're still in the beginning stages and are still raising money for some cosmetic updates, furniture and supplies but the ultimate goal is to open Margaret's House by the end of September.
And this is the stage in the game where I've been invited in!
 It's a pretty big house and I'm so excited to be able to contribute some design and decorating ideas in order to make the house a home (albeit a temporary one) for the families that will live here. It really is an amazing house!
  It has great entry with the staircase leading up to a big, open landing.
The living room is just to the left of the entry and is HUGE!
The dining room connects to the living room and (in the picture above) is just beyond the sofa on the right.
It also has a huge kitchen and nice family room through those french doors and it has three master suites (2 upstairs and 1 down) with gigantic closets.
The all volunteer crew has already begun the transformation! And it's so cool! The wallpaper will be coming down, closets have been repurposed (I promise more on that transformation later!) and paint colors for the foyer, living room, dining room and downstairs bathroom have been picked! Primer and paint should be going up very soon :-)  
This whole house truly is a gift from God and will be used to glorify Him and provide a safe place for up to three families at a time. I am beyond excited and humbled to be asked to participate in this project and plan to provide updates as we go along!
There isn't much of a budget for the design so we will be using mostly donated items and furnishings that were left behind (read hodge podge!) So don't be surprised if you see that big blue couch again...because it's not going anywhere :-)
Of course, if you're at all inclined to support to this incredible cause you can do so here. Just indicate "Margaret's House" in the comment section.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

August 12, 2013


Happy Monday everyone! I had such a great weekend and I hope you did, too!
On Friday, I was able to work on this awesome buffet that belonged to a friend's grandmother. It was given to me a few years ago and has been kindly stored in another friend's garage since then! I finally had the chance the work on it and went with a charcoal gray and coral color scheme!
 The gray is called "Dark Granite" by Behr - I love it!
My sister and her family were in town from Spokane so we had the chance to spend the day together on Saturday! I decided to take them to the flower mart in Downtown L.A. and show them a few sites!
It's been years since I've seen my niece, Kyra! She's all grown up now and loves photography and is an aspiring beauty blogger! She's adorable.
I picked up some fun pink hydrangeas...
And a bunch of stargazer lilies....love these things!
 After the flower mart, we took a trip to IKEA since their nearest one is about 400 miles away. They are driving an RV back home, so no worries about where to put the Alex.  That little box was HEAVY! Those Swedes are masters at packing a lot of stuff into a tiny space!
We closed the night with dinner and had so much fun! This was Deanna and my cousin's attempt at a selfie.  They're naturals :-)
We managed to get a decent group shot at the end of the night...love these girls!
  And finally, while at dinner Deanna showed me her cute app icons on her phone, so I spent most of Sunday changing mine! It's through an app called Cocoppa. It's a little confusing at first but after a few attempts I figured it out. It's time consuming but worth it (that is if you have nothing else to do!)
 And yes, Candy Crush is in my top four! I've been stuck on level 208 for days, weeks, months...I can't even tell anymore. We're in a love/hate relationship right now. But I will conquer it. I will!
Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell!!
Until next time!