November 30, 2010

Record clock.

I've been meaning to blog about one of my latest creations for some time now but work has been crazy busy (and let's face it...that's where most of my blogging happens!) Things are finally slowing down so here we go!It's no secret that my grandfather loved music - he had a room in his home affectionately refered to as the "Music Room" so we have been left with hundreds upon hundreds of records. So I was estatic when I stumbled upon the idea of turning a record into a clock and decided upon "This is Artie Shaw" for my first go around! After a bit of research, I was off to Michael's in search of a clock kit. They have these cute little things that come with everything you need...the number, the hands, the battery pack, etc. I had my doubts that it would actually work...but it did! So in case any of you want to make your own...let me walk you through how I did it! I first cleaned the record to make sure it was free from dust and then sprayed a light coat of clear satin spray paint to seal it. I read on another site that this step was optional but I recommend it. Here's before the spray paint...
And here's after...
It gives it a nice smooth finish that hides imperfections in the record. The clock kit came in a brass finish so I just spray painted the pieces in heirloom white to get the look I was after.
 The numbers already have adhesive on the back so I just stuck those on and pushed the battery back through the hole in the center of the record.
Then came the fun part...actually putting the clock together! The directions are on the clock kit so it was super simple!
I put in a battery and had my clock!! It took about 25 minutes from start to finish and let me just say I love it!!
I decided to give this to my mom as a Christmas present and since she doesn't read my blog...I'm in the clear so nobody tell her! The fun part is that you can turn almost anything into a clock with these kits...plates, books, tire wheels! Trust me when I say my mind is spinning with ideas!


  1. Love it!!! If there is an Air Supply record in the bunch--- i think u know what u need to do with it!:)

  2. Way cool Rachel. Always impressed by the stuff you make.

  3. Absolutely, Linda!! I'll keep my eys open!! And thank you, Nathan!

  4. Hi Rachel, I'll be featuring you clock project on today!

  5. Thanks for the awesome idea. My Father actually recorded several records with his band. So it's gonna be cool with his logo on it. Just in time for Fathers Day. Thanks again!