July 8, 2011

Pinterest strikes again.

Pinterest is such a great place for creative ideas!! I've seen a TON of different jewelry organization projects online over the years but I have never loved one enough to make my own. Until I saw something wonderful pinned from I Heart Organizing.

It's so simple, I really wish I had thought of it myself! Here it is...and I promise you can make it too!

After asking several Home Depot employees where I could find decorative metal sheets only to be met with some confused looks, I finally thought to pull up the picture from Pinterest and was immediately directed to the lovely items. They had a nice variety of patterns but I went with one called Elliptical.
So if you go and they want to send you to Plumbing....don't let them :-)

Back to the project, I had a bunch of white frames so I grabbed one with pretty detail...
Cut a piece of the metal to fit the frame...
And slid it in...
Viola! Easy, right??
Luckily, this frame has two slots in the back that allows the metal sheet to slide right in with little fuss about securing it. I just taped one side in the back to make sure it didn't slide out.
Then I hung some earrings and it's done!
I love it! It's like earring art :-)

And good news is I still have a large piece of the metal left, so I just might make another one!
And since I like to give credit, where credit is due - here's the original post from I Heart Organizing.

And lastly, if you're interesting in joining Pinterest, for some reason you need to request an invite. If you email me or leave a comment with your email address, I'm happy to send you one!

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  1. So which department of Home Depot did you find it? It's not in plumbing like you said, but we want to know where you did find it, thanks