July 18, 2011

Silver Metallic Trunk.

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I was able to get a lot done on my day off on Friday leaving the weekend wide open to enjoy a birthday party, some shopping, church, lunch with friends and then some more shopping!

But back to Friday - I was able to tackle a project I've been wanting to do for months! I've been using an old trunk as a coffee table for some time now and I love it!
The interior is beautifully lined with cedar (at least I think it's cedar!) and I'm able to store pillows and blankets and other linen in the perfect spot - out of sight!
 The trunk use to look like this all over (it's a shot of the bottom which I never bothered painting)...
I painted it black awhile ago but had grown tired of it and wanted something new! I had the idea of doing it a metallic silver but had a hard time finding examples online. You all know my love for google images but when I searched "metallic silver trunk" I get a lot of, um...men's trunk shots. Not quite what I was going for Google, but thank you for trying.

Anyway, I was recently flipping through a Direct Buy catalog and found this beauty...just what I was looking for to confirm that a silver metallic trunk wouldn't look horrible :-)
So I hauled it outside and started spraying! I gave it two coats and thought it looked great!  I let it dry for most of the day and then brought it inside.
 I love how shiny it is and the overall look. But I'll tell you what I don't love...
...how it looked totally fine outside in the bright sun but in normal light it's all funky and uneven! The top looks great...it's just the sides that decided to act up.
Oh well...I'll give it another few coats soon and hope that will fix the problem!
Even in it's current state, I love it way more than I did when it was black and gold,  so I guess I can call it a success!


  1. love it! With such a small place, I think a trunk would be the answer to some of my storage issues!

  2. Oh Michelle...I have several pillows and blankets crammed into that thing! It's a life saver :-)

  3. I just stumbled across this. I love it! I have an old trunk I've been using to hold photo books and crafts at the foot of my bed. We visited a Restoration Hardware store and saw their silver trunks being used as coffee tables (several thousand dollars worth of silver coffee table, I might add) and started eyeballing my cheap little craft trunk... Thanks for the before and after shots. I think I'm going to try it now!

  4. I love this :)))

    I'm your newest follower :))

  5. Love the trunk! Followed you over here from a lady that did hers in white. Did you use Kylon silver? From all the reading I've done, I've read it's the best. Just curious so I will know when I start my project. I want to spray paint my big sea shell silver.

    1. I found your blog because I'm looking to do the same thing. Would you mind sharing what kind of spray paint you used?

    2. Hi there! I actually used Rust-oleum. It's a white can with a shiny silver cap and just says "Metallic Finish."

      Good luck on your project!!