August 17, 2011

Top 10 reasons why I love living in a small space.

From what I post on this blog, you've probably been able to gather that I live in a fairly small space. To be's 425 square feet! I have a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom - all the necessities! In the 3 months I've lived here, I have never felt cramped and I'm pretty sure the extra tall ceilings help with that!

With that said, here's my top ten reasons why I love living in a small space...

10. If I misplace something, I know it can't be far.
9. Changing just one thing (like a lamp or throw pillow) makes a huge difference.
8. Everything is at my fingertips.
7. It forces me to live with less, because clutter is not an option.
6. It's cheaper!
5. It requires more imagination and creativity.
4. A small kitchen means I don't let dishes pile up.
3. It's super easy to keep organized.
2. It takes me about 2 minutes to sweep and/or swiffer the ENTIRE house.

And the #1 reason...

It's cozy!!

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