November 23, 2011

Trashcan makeover.

I have a pretty standard cheap white trash can. It's nothing fancy but it does it's job. I had seen an idea on Pinterest where someone had decorated their trash can with vinyl and it looked super cute! So like all Pinspirations, I had to do it, too! I was all set to borrow a friends cricut machine and buy some vinyl and try to make something but then I found vinyl wall decals at Target and my trashcan went from this... this in a matter of minutes!
 Totally my kind of project...quick and easy!
It's clearly still a trashcan but it's just a little easier on the eyes now!
 Especially, since it's practically in my living room :-)
Here's a quick side by side of the before and after...
It's funny how something as simple as a flower decal can make me love my trash can! It's the little things, right?

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