March 31, 2012

The making of a vegetable garden.

I have never been much of a gardener. The only things I've ever grown are strawberries and tomatoes. And even then, the strawberries are the only thing that really worked. However, I'm hoping to turn over a new leaf because my amazing landlord, Joanne  - also my neighbor, friend, and best friend's sister - is in the beginning stages of starting a pretty cool vegetable garden!

Here it was after being cleared and prepped...
I can take absolutely no credit for all the hard work it took to prepare the soil - it was all Joanne! 

But within the next day or so, the raised beds were installed!
I'm hoping to grow carrots and kale (since I juice those) but we'll also have tomatoes, chives, eggplant, and all sorts of other fresh and organic vegetables! I need to do some research and have already started a new gardening Pinterest board and have a lot of learning to do. If any of you out there are gardening afficionados, any words of wisdom?

Happy gardening!


  1. Two quick, funny stories about gardening.

    In the eighth grade I decided to start my own vegetable garden. My grandma helped me out and gave me a ton of seeds. When my carrots started growing, I had no idea what they would look like, but I sure had a lot of "weeds" growing. So I picked those of course. When my grandma asked me how it was going, I just told her that I had no carrots, but a bunch of weeds. When I described the weeds to her, she laughed and said that I had just pulled out all of my carrots. Fail!

    I also planted corn. The corn was growing beautifully, and the ears of corn were beginning to mature. But I had a bad ant infestation. My own solution to the problem was to just spray the corn stalk with ant killer. Makes sense, right? Yeah, it killed all my corn, and I never got to enjoy any of it. I did get a ton of cucumbers and zucchini. Those grow really fast.

    Good luck with your garden, and please learn from my pre-teen brain mistakes! :)

  2. Planting boxes are the way to go... wish I had the patience to garden that way. You're going to enjoy it, there's something so simple yet satisfying about walking out and staring at your garden and seeing the fruits of the labor. Plus it all tastes so great.