August 16, 2012


On Tuesday of this week, I took the day off with my friend and colleague, Janice and her son, Michael and headed to Catalina Island! We had purchased a Groupon a few months back for the Catalina Flyer for just $34 (it's regularly $74 for a round trip!) Don't you just love a good bargain?

The day got off to an early start as we headed down to Newport Harbor for an 8am check-in. Once we boarded, we chose to sit on the top deck and enjoyed this view of the harbor and Balboa Island while we waited.
Seriously....this is the life!
 As we began our journey out of the harbor we passed stunning home after stunning home!!
I think my next house needs a dock :-)
And I definitely need to just paddle my way into the ocean!
  After the fun daydreaming session about what it would be like to live in Newport, we made it out beyond the harbor and were on our way! Once we arrived in Avalon, we rented a golf cart and toured the island!
 It's such a beautiful little place and the homes have such character! Like hello...this sweet house had the most charming teal garage doors!
 We saw this small bay from above but couldn't figure out how to get down there...
 Golf carts are the predominant mode of transportation on the island and even this tiny little Fed Ex truck was trying to fit in! So cute.
 After the golf cart, lunch, and some time spent walking around, it was time to head back to the ferry for the ride home! I had a great day exploring a part of Southern California culture that always seemed so close and yet so far! Catalina is just 26 miles off the coast.
Once we arrived back on the mainland (haha!) we were stuck in parking lot gridlock for nearly 40 minutes but I had a possible celebrity sighting!!!  
This was the best picture I could get....Matthew McConaughey anyone?? It may or may not have been him...but I'm hoping it was :-)

But even if it wasn't, it was a great day and fun little end of summer getaway!

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