October 18, 2011

It runs in the family.

A few months ago, I was up in Portland visiting family and did a few DIY furniture makeovers for my sister's new place! We scoured all the local Goodwills, Habitat Restores, yard sales and everything in between and found two amazing pieces! This three dollar dining room table and a ten dollar desk for my niece were our top two finds!

Back then my sister pretty much watched me do all the work but now she's joined in on the fun! She had been looking for an entertainment console for awhile now and finally found what she needed on Craigslist!
This snazzy thing was a mere $50! It has everything she wanted including lots of storage and character!

Now, I'm not sure why the previous owners had two of the drawers in the wrong spot, but my sis rectified that and then some with a few simple coats of gray spray paint!

Here's her gorgeous new piece...

I love it!! Good job, sis!

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  1. Oh my goodness! It is GORGEOUS! I love the white pulls and the gray makes me want to grab the nearest piece of furniture and spray it the same color. LOVE it!

  2. it looks awesome! love that color! and the hardware looks fabulous, too!

  3. This is gorgeous! It turned out beautifully :)


    PS. If you are interested, there is a big giveaway of kids room art going on at my blog. I'd love if you came by to check it out xo