April 25, 2014

Moving Day and Unpacking.

That moment when you're done unloading the truck and realize you have a bunch of chaos to sort through is actually one of my favorite moments! I love being able to organize and figure out where things should go in a new space. What was even more exciting is that even though I lost 35 square feet of living space, I gained a large closet, more kitchen counter/cabinet space, some garage storage and a patio!

 So as I began sorting through everything, I spent most of my first weekend going back and forth between boxes:
And the ocean:

 Then I'd get back to the boxes:
 And when I needed a break, went back to the ocean:
It was quite a productive plan!

And by the end of the first weekend, I had unpacked most boxes and just had a small pile left...
 And I had my little living room feeling like home:
 Of course, I needed to watch my first sunset at the new place and actually asked Siri what time it was happening so I wouldn't miss it! This is definitely a view that will never get old!
As I walked along the boardwalk that first night, I could help but think of Ephesians 3:20.

 It's kind of crazy how much of a 180 my life has taken - just a few years ago I was drowning in debt and now I'm living my dream! God is so good :-)

Until next time...