February 3, 2017

966 days.

Well, hello there!! It's been quite some time since I've posted anything here on Suite Revival.  Just how long has it been? 966 days! I can hardly believe it's been that long. I have two words for why Suite Revival faded away...GRAD SCHOOL! Earning my master's degree had been a goal of mine for many years but the circumstances were finally right and I decided to take the plunge in the Fall of 2014.  Between my full-time job, class, readings, group projects, writing papers, fieldwork, and studying for the comprehensive exam, there was just no room in my life for Suite Revival. I barely saw my friends on a regular basis, let alone had time for blogging :-)

But the good news is I graduated in May of 2016 and have spent the last 8 to 9 months enjoying my new freedom!! Other than to two conferences (one to New Orleans and the other to Oahu...I know, poor me) I wasn't able to travel for fun much over the last two years...sitting in the business center working on a research paper isn't really the ideal vacation.  But now that I'm out and have no projects or due dates hanging over my head, I decided a trip to NYC was in order!! My two beautiful nieces joined me in the city last month and we had a blast! 
We had some beautiful but FREEZING COLD days!
There have been some big changes in my living situation, too. I moved out of my cozy little studio on the beach and into a one-bedroom house literally 25 steps away from my very best friend. I obviously miss the beach and my nightly sunsets, but the decision to move has been a great one!!
After living with off-white walls for about two years, I had finally been inspired to paint but then moved out less than two months later...oh well. I enjoyed it while I could.  This was a good home and I'll always have fond memories of my time here but my new place....it's amazing! And I can't wait to share more about it!