April 11, 2017

Suite & Succulent.

For quite some time, I've wanted to venture into the world of succulent arrangements! I've seen countless beautiful succulent wreaths, planters, and vertical arrangements but never took the leap to actually do something! But that changed a few weeks ago when I ventured down to the LA Flower Mart and walked away with about $50 worth of succulents!
My Ikea Large Shopping Bag came in quite handy as I walked around the market scoping out prices and trying to find the best deal! Eventually I found a vendor that I liked and starting picking out my favorites. Once I got home, I got straight to work and since I was covered in succulent soil, I didn't take any pictures of the mess I made the process. 
Here are a few of the arrangements I made...not too shabby for my first attempt but I definitely see how I might do things differently next time around. I think I need to put more plants into each arrangement and I need more filler....like these String of Pearls! I didn't spot any of those at the flower mart so I might need to buy those and just grow my own!
I made this one using a ceramic pot I picked at a local art show and worked on getting them closer to together...but again those pearls would have made it so much prettier! 

In the process of planting, many of the plants lost some of their leaves so I thought I'd try to grow my own through propagation. I did a bit of research and figured it sounded easy enough! You just take your cuttings and lay them on a thin layer of soil and then just let them to their thing...
I sprayed them with a water bottle once every other day and placed them indoors in a bright but indirect light and then after a week or so, this happened...
A little baby succulent starting growing!! I need to keep reading up on what to do after they get to this stage, but I'm pretty sure I leave them like this until the mama leaf dies. But don't worry...I'll definitely keep you updated!! 

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