September 9, 2010

My newest creation!

A few weeks ago while cleaning out a bedroom in my grandpa's house, I found an old tripod. At the time, I put it aside as something I knew I wanted to keep but I wasn't quite sure how I would put it to use. That was until I was at Target and saw this... I immediately knew I wanted to make a lamp!
Since I had the base, I just needed to find the perfect drum shade to match. I decided to give the Habitat for Humanity ReStore a try which is conveniently located on Alondra at Studebaker right across from work. I struck lampshade gold with this Restoration Hardware beauty for just $6.99!! Combine that with some fabric that belonged to my grandmother and I had the perfect addition to the lamp!
I couldn't resist setting it up even though I didn't have the actual light component hooked up yet. For that, I bought a lamp kit from Lowe's and along with a little help from my uncle it was done!! Here's the finished product staged in the office (along with my grandma's sewing machine and a vintage typewriter we found in a closet)...
Words can't even begin to describe how much I love this lamp. I could look at it for hours on end (okay, so maybe I already have!) It just brings me so much joy to have combined my grandparent's two different loves (photography and sewing) into one piece! Anyway, I have two more projects lined up - I'm re-vamping a cedar lined chest into a coffee table and I'll be creating a new bookcase out of old dresser drawers. I'm so excited about the latter project...I'm still toying with the details of that one but I'll be sure to post pictures once it's done.


  1. Hey Rachel! So glad you started a blog. I LOVE reading blogs and you have such clever ideas. I can't wait to see your table and bookcase creations!!


  2. Thanks, Jill! I've had this blog for about 3 1/2 years although it's been pretty sporadic over the last year. It's never really been focused on crafty things but I think it might become more about that...we'll see! Thanks for reading :-)

  3. I think it's cool because you were able to take two meaningful "crafts" from your grandparents and put them together to make it practical and fun to look at.

    It's cool because you did put the two things together and it's fun to look at and it's meaningful.

  4. LOL!! Thanks Angelo...I saw this before I read your other message and that is EXACTLY what I thought! Thanks for the laugh!

  5. I love it! and I love that fabric...great job :)

  6. It's great Rachel. I'm so glad you're documenting your craftiness. It's inspirational :)