September 24, 2010

Weekend Plans.

Lately I've felt that most of my spare time is filled with scouring interior design and DIY websites. I've always loved design and decorating and lately that love seems to have taken over! I've been thinking about different projects all week and have decided that I want to repurpose an old dresser that originally belonged to my great grandmother. It's kind of a drab wooden dresser but it has lots of potential! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture right that will come later.

The problem is I can't decide between the two ideas, so I thought I'd throw it out there and get some feedback from you!

Idea # 1 from Censtational Girl:

This look is so calming and beautiful! I absolutely love it!

By the way, here's the before! Such a dramatic makeover I can't even believe it's the same piece of furniture. What's nice about this one is my dresser has very similar grooves so I really think I could capture this look. I love the slate blue but was thinking about switching the colors and doing the dresser white and the grooves slate blue - but I'm still up in the air on that one.

Idea #2 is also from Centsational Girl:

You can't really tell how stunning this dresser is until you look closely! She obviously painted the dresser in heirloom white but she used paintable textured wallpaper to give the doors a little something.

Here's a closer look...

And here's the before! Amazing, right? This piece is a better match to the color and size of my dresser.

So what do ya'll think? I seriously need help deciding....idea #1 or #2?


  1. I like #2. But really...what do I know?

  2. I think you should do #2...and I want to watch the process! I'm so excited for you and this project!

  3. I like #1, but they're both adorable.