October 5, 2010

A craigslist loser.

Awhile back, I listed four dressers on Craigslist but had no luck in finding them a new home! I've had a few people come out to take a look only to reject them because they needed a little work done. I started to feel bad for these guys so I figured I'd do the work to spruce one up and see if that would work.
Here's the before...
I love the clean and simple lines and thought this would look great in a nice steel grey color with white hardware. So I pulled out some leftover paint and got started. I almost forgot to take a before picture head on...
And about 30 minutes later (if that!) I had this beautiful thing!
I wonder if it can find a home now? I am selling this one and I have another one just like it that I'll be selling so if anyone is interested - let me know! It's not painted yet but I'm leaning towards the same color unless there's a buyer out there who might have a specific request. If I weren't moving in a few months or so, my ideal usage for it would be as an outdoor gardening center. It's the perfect height and has great storage! But since I can't keep it, i'm hoping it can find a good home soon!

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