September 27, 2010

And I thought I liked TV before.

On Saturday afternoon as I was waiting for the paint on another project to dry, I started to think about how I didn't like my living room and how something needed to change, especially the poor wood encased TV. The TV was something my grandfather bought at a yard sale years ago and since a new flat screen to put above the mantle isn't possible, I knew that I needed to channel my inner Tim Gunn and make it work!

And then it hit me! I had two old cabinets that were put into the garage after the big clean up that I thought could have some potential. I couldn't remember if they were the same height so I was pleasantly surprised that they were! My idea was to move the TV to the solid wall and frame it with these two gems. Since I already had the paint and primer out, I figured I might as well get started!

While those dried, I brought all the paint supplies inside to fix the TV. It's a lot of heavier than it looks and I knew I couldn't do this outside so I laid out some plastic and got started.
Here it was before... And here it is after...
It was a dramatic improvement that took less than 30 minutes! So once that dried, I brought in the two side gems and put them in their place. I added a few accessories, moved in my tripod lamp and I was done!

And here's the view from the sofa!
I simply could not love this more! After this pic was taken, I noticed the TV wasn't aligned perfectly with the big frame so I fixed that but forgot to take another picture - so this one will just have to do! I'm also on the look out for another roundish frame to add to the wall to even that out a little...but that'll happen in time. I've already started to think about a project for next weekend and I'm thinking it might involve a little reupholstering to help complete the living room...but we shall see. Until next time...


  1. You never cease to amaze me!!!! AMAZING! I love love love it! The whole look is so clean and fresh. Enjoy!

  2. Love it again! Are you leaving those picture frames empty? I think it's a cute idea - very creative. Just wondering.

  3. This looks great.. Nate Berkus would be so proud.. and please tell me you know who that is!!!

  4. Hi, Rachel - I just saw this on Better After, I would not have thought of this in a million years and I love it! Love the whole white tableau, too - amazing project!