October 29, 2010

"Kind of like Scrabble" coasters.

I recently spotted a bag of (what I thought were) Scrabble tiles at the thrift store. I was so excited to spot such a great find it didn't even click that they weren't actual Scrabble tiles until I got them home! Instead they were general lettered tiles from some other word game....still a great find at just $2.99!
I started googling ideas for what to do them and stumbled upon....wait for it...coasters! I might as well confess now that most of the things I do are not completely original ideas. I google. A lot. "Ways to use...." is becoming my most googled phrase. It's a great way to see what others are doing and why reinvent the wheel, right? So back to this, I sorted the tiles out by letter and realized I had a ton of o's but only like 4 c's so I had to make due with what I had.
I ended up doing a personalized set for someone (who shall remain nameless and will receive something similar at Christmas) and then a more general set like this one...
I already have a great set of coasters that I purchased in New Orleans and since I don't need to start a coaster collection I decided to sell this batch on Etsy.

I've been selling a few things on Etsy since July and while this deviates from my normal product which are little owl skewers and picks like these that I made for Linda's baby shower...
I'm looking forward to expanding what I offer and even hope to put up some suitcase tables soon! So stay tuned.


  1. Oh I pray I'm the person who shall remain nameless!!

  2. LOL! Just two more months of waiting before you find out...

  3. I love these! these tiles are so fancy...very cool! I'm going to visit your Etsy shop now :)

  4. Okay, so you do have ETSY page? Email me in how to find you. I have a friend that is obsessed with owls...

    I saw on ETSY someone used scrabble letters for necklaces...in case you have some left over...