October 22, 2010

Suitcase table.

A few months ago while cleaning out the garage, I found a few vintage suitcases. Like many other things I knew I wanted to do something creative with them but was stumped as to what that would be exactly. Well after some googling and blog browsing I had it! That otherwise useless suitcase would become a great little side table! During what are becoming my bi-weekly visits to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore conveniently located right across from work, I spotted this:
These legs would work perfectly for my suitcase table!! So for about $11 I had 4 legs with the mounting brackets and screws...total deal! So I unscrewed them and took them all outside to spray paint.
Here's the suitcase...it's kind of a grayish blue color and was really dusty but in otherwise great condition!
After I paint dried (that's one thing I love about spray paint...it dries so quickly!) I mounted them into each corner.
Once they were all secure, I flipped it over and I now have a one-of-a-kind, charming little suitcase side table!
I have another idea to make a little matching chair out of the other suitcase...but we'll have see if that will work. Until then, I am loving this little guy!


  1. Rachel, you are a redecorating machine! This is cool!

  2. Hey Rachel, first I want to say from one creative mind to another... YOU ROCK girl! I am going to add you to my blogs that I read! Another thing, if you happen to stumble upon another vintage suitcase, I am looking for one, but would need it within the next couple weeks for a project I am doing. I posted on FB in search of one, but had no response. Just if you happen to see one in you little shopping ventures could you remember me. I would appreciate it so much!


  3. AND what a great way to store some misc items...magazines, blankets, etc. LOVE IT!! Getting ready to post some of my recent creations. Stay tuned to FB!

  4. Thanks guys! And yes...I'll keep an eye out Sharon! Thankfully, I had this one and another just sitting my grandfather's garage! And Deanna...I can't wait to see what you've done!

  5. This is my favorite so far! and I really need to head across the street and check on that store :) Great job!