January 27, 2011

Yellow chair.

I follow a lot of decorating/re-purposing/crafty blogs and I've noticed a fun trend lately that's had me contemplating how I could implement it in my design style. I see a ton of gorgeous rooms in greys, whites, and purples (which just so happens to me my living room color palette) that have one bright pop of color. I always love the look but have been a little hesitant to commit to that "pop". But this week, I finally took some action!
Enter this old chair.
It one of many great things that were in my grandpa's garage that I saved knowing that I had to fix up! It was pretty scratched and worn but in over all decent shape and nothing that a light sanding and can of spray paint couldn't fix! Have I mentioned how much I adore spray paint...because I do. It's awesome. Anyway....back to business.
I spent a good 30 minutes standing in front of the spray paint cage at Home Depot going back and forth between colors when I finally decided on this one!
I'm quite pleased with my choice and the final product!!
I love my new yellow chair!
So tell me, what have you spray painted lately?


  1. da likor store down tha street, why, sum1 tolded you?

  2. LOL! Believe me when I say I was going to add something like, "and I don't mean the the brick wall down the street." But I opted against it :-)