April 5, 2011

Mason jar soap dispenser.

I'm loving Etsy more and more as each day passes! I love browsing the shops and seeing all the cute handmade or vintage items, but I tend to not buy a whole lot because I think once I start it might be hard to stop. Ten dollars here and there starts to add up!

Anyhow, I have a lot of old mason jars that belonged to my grandmother and I use them for a variety of things including storing my wooden spoons and whisks.

But now I'm happy to add soap dispenser to the list!
I already had the small jar and just bought the lid and pump - I couldn't resist!! It arrived in my mailbox yesterday and I absolutely love it!!

Anything to help with washing dishes, right?


  1. I love it!!! Where did you get the pump and lid?

  2. Thanks, Jenny! I got it on Etsy...just search mason jar soap dispenser lid!