April 18, 2011

My latest acquisition.

For the past few weeks I've noticed something popping up more and more in design magazines, on blogs, and television. And I've been determined to find one for myself. And preferably a free one. I even posted an ad on Craigslist under the wanted section. Little did I know, that one would practically fall into my lap this morning!

What is this fantastic item??? Here are a few hints!
Can you spot the common thread?? It's a tree trunk!!
Aren't they gorgeous??
And as I type this, I have my very own rolling around in the back of my car!!
There were a few trees located right outside of my office that were being cut down today. There was a car parked a little too close to the area so one of our facilities guys came into the office asking if I knew who's car it was so they could move it and one thing led to another! Before I knew it, this man was delivering me my very own tree stump!!

I love when things work out so perfectly!! And in case you're wondering, the tree trunks pictured above are all from West Elm and are $200!

Mine: $0

It's going to require some prep work like letting it dry out for a month or two, then a little sanding and finally sealing it but it will be oh so worth it!! Stay tuned...


  1. Awesome!!!!! You know what else you can get for free from work? A dead rat!!!

  2. Eeeewwwww!! How dare you soil Suite Revival with talk of Nick's friend! LOL!!