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April 1, 2012

Fresh flowers.

I know the first day of Spring was a few weeks back but I've finally had the chance to bring in some fresh flowers!
One of many things I love about the season!

Happy Spring, everyone!

March 21, 2012

Letter wall.

Good morning, everyone!! I'll have to keep this brief since I was up way too late playing Draw Something (anyone else playing?? It's so addicting!) and need to leave for work soon! But I really wanted to share my latest little project.

Ever since I got my new furniture and rearranged things, I've had this empty space above my desk. I kind of had an idea of what I wanted to do with it and after my recent (and first!) trip to Hobby Lobby, it was decided!
A letter wall! Since my name is Rachel - I obviously gravitated toward the letter R. I laid all the letters out on the floor trying to figure out the best layout and settled on one but that kind of went out the window as I started hanging them...but the beauty is that most of the letters are hung with a little bit of painters tape except for the big gold,  middle silver, and smaller black one below the gold one. Those were a bit too heavy to tape :-)
But the rest were just thin, lightweight pieces of cardboard or wood so the tape worked perfectly! Not a one has fallen off :-) Plus if after I live with it in this configuration and realize I need to make a change, it'll be super easy! (Except for the ones that are nailed - but I'll just work around those!)

And I still need to paint them but I haven't quite decided which ones should get which color, so for now they are au naturel.
Most of the letters were purchased from Hobby Lobby and all together cost less than $30!

March 5, 2012

Spring wreath.

If you know me or have spent any amount of time browsing through Suite Revival, you'll know that I like things simple. And there really isn't anything more simple that this Spring wreath...
I picked up the plant covered "R" and branch wreath at my new favorite store - Hobby Lobby!!
The "R" came on a little ribbon so I just shortened it bit and then hung it and the wreath on a command hook.
The total cost was just $8!

Quick and easy! And perfect for Spring :-)

February 24, 2012

Metal lamps.

I told you yesterday about how I might be a tad obsessed with thrift store lamps. More accurately, lamps in general. I constantly drift toward the lamp aisle at Target, when I need another lamp like I need another Cadbury Egg. And don't even get me started on the lamps on the endcap clearance! It's hard to resist, but most of the time, I do!

Although, I am so glad I didn't resist yesterday when I spotted these at Goodwill for $8 each. I'm pretty sure something similar to these was in every suburban home back in 1992. They say everything makes it way back...and these things most definitely have (just with a little tweaking!)  
 As soon as I saw these guys, I knew that I wanted to use a little hammered metal spray paint...
...and after a three coats of the stuff I had exactly what I envisioned!!
 I love the light that lamps reflect in the totally relaxes me!
 So have you forgotten what they looked like before?? Here's another reminder...
Not bad for a few minutes worth of work!

I'm just thrilled because these lamps look so much better than my crazy teddy bear lamps did in the exact same spot. Let's take a look...

With the teddy bears...
And with the bulbs...

The glass bases of the teddy bear lamps blended in too much (imagine that...being glass and all!) and especially after looking at the pictures, I think they were too small in scale.

These guys, on the other hand, have a definite presence and really balance out the sofa! Thank you, Goodwill, for another fun find!

Until next time...

February 20, 2012

Living room reveal.

I am so excited to reveal my living room today! I feel like this has been weeks in the making even though it's only been three days since my new furniture arrived! I can't wait any longer, so let's get to it!!

Here's a quick reminder of what this corner of the living room looked like before:
For more before pictures, feel free to take a look at yesterday's post here.

And without further ado, here we have the after:
Oh man...I can't even tell you how much I love it!! The only new additions to the room are a white Jonathan Louis sofa and a lovely side chair in a yellow, gray and white floral - also Jonathan Louis. Everything else is the same!
 Why did I wait so long to buy you, Mr. Sofa???
Your tight back cushion and smooth lines make me swoon!
 I just love the way the dresser pops with the yellow, gray and white tones of the room!
Here's the view of towards the front door...
I also added a few more accessories to the dresser. I had been wanting a sand timer for ever so when I found this guy on sale at Michael's, I snapped it up!  That and my newest letter "R", which I'm slowly starting to collect more of! I only have three right now but they are all featured throughout this post, can you spot them all?

Seeing the dresser in the room with the new furniture totally reassures me that aqua was the right choice! I am just giddy over how much I love it!
There you have new living room!

There are still a few more things I'd like to do as soon as the budget allows including:
 -getting a new larger area rug
-doing something to the side cane chairs
 -adding artwork above my desk

But until that happens, I am absolutely thrilled with the room just as it is! I smile every time I walk into it and I immediately feel calm and relaxed, which was exactly what I was going for!

Feel free to stop in anytime!!


If I ever needed a Monday off, today would be that Monday! I am beat! I spent Saturday celebrating my birthday with dear friends wine tasting down in Temecula. I had never been to Temecula even though it's just an hour and half away from home and it has an adorable Old Town! There are also a ton of wineries all up and down Rancho California Road but we just stuck to one - South Coast Winery. I kind of lost track of the number of tastings we had, but it's safe to say that we all great a great time and made lasting memories!
And just so you, Red Vine and wine is a great combination :-)

Anyhow, I spent all day yesterday arranging furniture, cleaning and taking pictures so I can show you my new living room! But before I show you that I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane and see how this space has transformed.

I had mentioned before that my house was brand new when I moved in and I was able to see it during the construction phase!
This was the first time I saw it - pretty bare bones...
 Then it got baseboards, flooring and some primer...
When I moved in last May, I lived in boxed chaos for a couple of days...
 Then things finally started to fall into place when my dresser and starburst clock found a home...although it didn't stay like that for long.
This next transition was a favorite and my place finally started to feel like home when I made these changes!  I moved the dresser to the opposite wall, hung curtain panels behind my bed, bought a rug, and hung my wall ledges and mirror from Ikea. This is also when I got my new camera and boy can I see the difference!
I loved it like this but then (because I like change SO much!) I decided to switch my bedroom with my living room. Now just to recap, I technically rent a one bedroom guest house but it's a little unique where as both rooms have a exterior door. And the door that was in my bedroom (like pictured above) was the door towards the street so if anyone stopped by, they would logically knock at my bedroom door. Still following me? So the other room which I had set up as living room is connected to the kitchen and has a side door near the driveway. But I was bored one night and decided to switch the spaces and my bedroom ended up in this room...
If you'd like, you can read that post here.
Okay, that's all I'll say about the two rooms, I promise. I live here and I'm pretty sure I'm confused about the set up :-)

Moving on to the living room! I had meant to post pictures after the switch, but I kept putting it off because I just wasn't completely happy with the set up.  I loved that it felt so much bigger, but the layout didn't give me that feeling of being just right, you know? Although, rest assured, it feels like that now and I will show those pictures soon!

 But before I can reveal the new living room, I must show you the old. So here we go...
Please just ignore the random mirror and striped art still hanging - my bed used to be against that wall and I didn't want to move anything on the walls until I had a better idea of where things would go.
I didn't particularly care for the hutch and desk being right next to each other but they just kind of ended up there during the transition.
And finally, this is probably the least photographed angle of my house (but you can see both the front and side door, bathroom and a tiny glimpse into the kitchen!)
What's funny is that every single piece of furniture shown in the above three pictures is in a different spot now!  However, the good news is I have that "this is just right!" feeling with the new arrangement!

Stay tuned for the big reveal tomorrow!

February 19, 2012

New aqua dresser.

Happy President's Day weekend! If you're like me, you have tomorrow off and I hope you have plans to enjoy it! Weather around here is suppose to be 66 degrees and sunny...absolutely perfect in my book!

Anyhow, on Friday (which I also had off), I decided to finally re-paint my serpentine dresser! This dresser originally belonged to my great grandmother and after my grandfather passed away two years ago, it ended up with me! 

You can read about the first time I painted it in this post here. It was back when I first started reading DIY blogs and doing my own projects and heirloom white was all the rage! So without knowing any better, I just went with that. Don't get my wrong, I loved the results in the beginning but realized that Heirloom White just wasn't my favorite - I'm more of a bright white kind of girl.
I also put the hardware on upside down and was too lazy to change it so I just lived with it like that for the last year and half...true story.

But since I bought a new sofa (a post on that is in the works!), I knew I needed some more color in the room. I was vacillating between a nice shade of yellow or an aqua and the fact that I had left over paint in the aqua ended up making the decision a little easier! Plus there's already some yellow in the new chair I bought, so aqua was the perfect fit!
I am so in love with how this turned out!!
I ended up moving the dresser back to this wall, too. When I originally hung the wall ledges and mirror it was because the dresser was in this spot as seen here...
But then I rearranged and switched my living room and bedroom ended up putting my desk on this wall. I liked it there, but never quite loved it.
(And of course, the above picture is a more accurate portrayal of what my place might look like on any given day.)
 I'm really enjoying the black, white, aqua and yellow color scheme! It just feel so fresh and clean!
This print is something I found on Pinterest that fit perfectly into this frame. It reads "Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams that you never even knew you had." 
I kept the hardware gray and just flipped them so they are back to the way they're suppose to be :-)
 Overall, I am incredibly happy that I went with this color! It looks amazing in the living room with my new furniture! I feel like I finally have a grown up living room...I can't wait to show you!!
Until next time!