April 5, 2011


This weekend I was able to paint my shutter table...
 I'm loving it in a glossy white.
 And here's how the legs are attached...nice and sturdy!
And one more time, here's the material I started with. I tried and tried to get this picture to load right side up, but it was pretty insistent on remaining sideways. Oh well.
I also decided to list the table on Etsy! I have materials for two more so I'll just make myself a new one if this one sells.

There aren't too many options for shutter tables on Etsy so I thought I'd go ahead and list it!
The one other (kind of equivalent) shutter table on there is priced at $695!!!

You read that right...six HUNDRED ninety five dollars!

Makes mine look like a bargain.


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  3. what are the metal things that you attached the legs with? where would I find them and how exactly do they work?
    Thank you