May 6, 2011

DIY Perpetual Journal.

Awhile back I saw a really cute idea for a perpetual journal- it was designed to jot down the highlight of your day on one index card, year after year. I thought it was a great idea for those of us who love the idea of journaling but might lack the time and commitment.

So I set out to make my own!

I started with a bunch of index cards, a paper cutter, a date stamp, and ink pad.
I cut the index cards in half with the paper cutter - I can't recall the exact measurement but I used the large index cards. Then I stamped the upper left corner of each index card with Jan 1 - Dec 31.
This was the most time consuming part but I did it while watching TV and got into a little groove so it wasn't so bad! I also cut some card stock to use as the monthly dividers and stamped those with the months.
 I really like the way it turned out!!
 I also wrapped it in some twine and just listed it on etsy!
I'm typically not a craft maker...but this was kind of fun and really easy!


  1. Love this. I am going to make one for my sister's baby shower. Easy way to track babyies first year. I pinned it on Pinterest :) Love, love, love it. So creative.

  2. Really good idea.. .Just a line a day, everyone has time for that.