June 28, 2011

Curtains - check!

I finally was able to check off a major item on my list of decorating to-do's yesterday! It feels so good and curtains add such a nice layer of warmth to what was a pretty stark room! Let's take a look back and see what the room looked like in the very beginning!
Here's a slightly different angle shortly after I moved in.
Here we are after I stained and painted the buffet/dresser...still no curtains.
And finally with the curtains!!
Please forgive the varying colors in all of these photos! I've been experimenting with the lighting in the room - some are taken in the morning when the sun is in the east, other are at sunset when the sun shining right through the windows, and others are at night with blinds closed - plus I need a new camera.
And I know they look a little green (I'm sure my green pillow doesn't help) but they are in fact yellow!
Now moving over to the other side of the room. Here's the gallery wall and sofa - I don't have any pictures from this angle with the window because I've always cropped it out for lighting reasons but this gives you an idea of the before...
And the after...
The curtains definitely make this space feel more like home.
And for less than $25 for the fabric plus another $35 for curtain rods and clips - I'd call it a fantastic improvement!

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