June 18, 2011

Happy Saturday.

This time last week I was elbow deep in stain - and I am so glad that this weekend I am not! I haven't worked on anything major except for a simple lamp re-do.

Before I moved, I had a green side table and purple lamp in my living room. The colors worked with the otherwise neutral room. Then I had my yellow headboard and aqua bedding in my bedroom - again it worked with the color scheme.

Fast forward a few months and I'm all moved into my new place. My new smaller place. And with the smaller amount of space, I had to rework some furniture combinations and ended up using the green side table and purple lamp next to my yellow headboard and aqua bedding. Whoa...color!
 This has to be remedied and the first and easiest thing to do was paint my lamp, so goodbye purple... 
 And hello white!
I also switched out the lampshade for a gray one. I'm loving the difference already! The green side table will be painted next, I just need to decide on the color! Maybe gray, maybe white, maybe gray and white...hmm.
In addition to the lamp, I also spray painted some new frames that I plan on adding to my gallery wall and I created a little spot to throw my keys or sunglasses in my entry.
 I was recently given this gold mirror and I thought I would spray paint it white and use it in my gallery wall but opted to keep it gold and use it as a tray instead. I have never really been a "gold" person but I'm really liking this!
 It seems to be just the right amount of ornateness (if that's even a word) for me. It also provides a home for the closest thing I have to a pet - my birdie Barb.
No mess, no noise...she really is perfect :-) 

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