July 31, 2011

Easy DIY tape art.

In between a yard sale, a little work, and a baby shower, I managed to tackle a few things on my to do list this weekend. As a result my bedroom is finally starting to come together and my whole place is feeling more and more like home!! This feeling has been helped along by simply moving a mirror and creating a ridiculously easy piece of tape art! Let's begin with the tape art!

I started with my $2 Habitat for Humanity frames...and while I love bargains, I do believe that you get what you pay for! You'll see why later...
Side note...as I checked out the lady commented "Oh...what pretty prints!" Umm....okay.
Back to the art, I wanted to create something original that I could do for very low cost! So I spray painted both prints white - they were in decent condition and were adhered to the cardboard backing so I just went with it and it ended up working! After that was dry, I eyeballed and taped horizontal stripes and gave it a coat of gray spray paint.
I let it dry a bit and then pulled off the tape! This part is seriously the most fun step...I love a good reveal! I used Frog Tape and it worked wonderfully leaving me with super clean lines.
That's really all there was to it - plus I already had all the supplies so it cost me nothing! Always a plus.

I had two frames, so here's the first...
 And here's the second...
Yep...it's a broken mess! About a minute after it was hung, it fell off the wall and shattered breaking the glass and frame itself! The picture hanger on the back gave way which sucks but makes me glad I only spent two bucks on it ! Oh well...I was having issues about how I was going to hang both pictures anyway and it solved that problem :-)

So I'm left with one frame which I decided to hang to the right of the bed and the mirror I mentioned earlier was moved from behind my front door to over the white panels above my bed. I just nailed it right through the fabric which helps keep the panels closed, too! And believe me, I made sure it was securely attached to that wall!
Here's a quick before without the curtain panels, mirror or art...
And here's the after...
I am on the hunt for some more pillows but for the most part I feel this section of my bedroom is done...just two and a half months after I moved in. Yeah!!

 Now onto the three other walls that so conveniently avoid being photographed and/or blogged about...

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  1. I love the simplicity of this project...great job! I am on the lookout for an ornate oval frame...let me know if you spot one anywhere :)