August 11, 2011


I just spent a wonderful 6 days in Portland, Oregon! If you've never been, Portland is an absolutely beautiful city and I'm lucky enough to have family up there which means I get to visit about twice a year!

We took a little drive through the back roads of Hillsboro...
 Visited the Rose Garden...
And took in the gorgeous views of Washington Park...

I also managed to squeeze in some furniture makeovers for my sister! We took a few trips to IKEA for some shelving and accessories and shopped quite a few thrift stores. It takes a little effort to shop for furniture at places like Goodwill but it paid off big time!

I found this dining room table for $3!! THREE DOLLARS!! It also comes with two additional leaves which make this table can seat up to 12 people!! Did I mention it was only $3? I'm still amazed.
 And I also found this desk for $10!!
Both pieces are complete but the makeovers will get there own posts soon!

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