August 24, 2011

Sofa tour.

Last weekend, I took a drive down to Costa Mesa to visit a few of my favorite shops - The Container Store, Crate & Barrel, and Macy's Home! I was in organizational and furniture heaven!  I picked up a few items from the Container Store but wanted to window shop my way through C&B and look at sofas. The sofa I have now is circa 1973. It's literally older than I am and although it's slip covered and does a mediocre job, moving away from orange and brown plaid is something I've wanted to do for awhile.

So here, my friends, are my top choices...

The Petrie Sofa in graphite. It's tufted and comfy with classic lines but boasts a price tag of $1699.

This gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous!!) white leather sofa laughs in the face of the Petrie! This is the Aidan sofa and is priced at $3499. Yeah...a little (or perhaps a lot) over budget, but it's nice to dream.

 Next up is the Azure Sofa with it's soy-based polyfoam, wrapped in regenerated synthetic fiber in downproof ticking seat cushion. Sexy, huh? But it's soy-based which means I could eat it in an emergency. Safety first...oh...wait...what? That's not what it means? Oh. Well, it's still comfortable and tufted with one seat cushion and I love it!

Since the pillows are horribly staged above, here's a picture of it pillow free at $1799.

Next up, we have the Vaughn Apartment Sofa, which is beautiful! It has clean lines and a classic look but no tufting. And it's $1399 despite not having a whole lot of character.

Let's wrap up Crate and Barrel and head over to Macy's home store, shall we?

Whoa...that's a mustard color sofa! If I want character, then this might be my guy! Tufting all over, clean lines, soft, comfortable, luxurious. Uh...pretty darn amazing if you ask me. This is the Natalie Sofa and is priced right at a mere $1299 (the most affordable yet!) I could definitely see welcoming her into my home! 
 But wait, what do we have here? This is the Tory sofa, also from Macy's. It has the single cushion, tufting all over, clean lines and is almost half the price of the Natalie at just $699. However, it's not quite as comfortable or luxurious looking either.

I think I know which direction I'm leaning. Do you? Was I obvious enough? Of course, things can change but I hope to buy something in the next month or two! I can't wait!


  1. First time at your blog and I love some of your sofa picks here, but I was wondering if you've looked at West Elm? We have one here in San Diego and we got our slip covered L shaped sectional there for about 1700. They might have some cheaper options that you like. Plus, if you happen to have a military member in your family, or know someone who can help with the discount, they give a 10% discount, which is a decent savings on large pieces of furniture. Quite a few of the pieces have multiple fabric options, and the performance velvet is super soft. =D They may not have anything quite up your alley, but I think it's worth a gander!

  2. Hi Theresa! Thanks for stopping by and for the suggestion. I love browsing West Elm's website and do enjoy their sofa's but have never visited one of their stores. The closest one to me is in Santa I might need to take a drive out there this weekend! And thanks for the military discount tip - I had no idea!

  3. Oooh if you're going to Santa Monica you might as well check out CB2's sofa's too! If you don't already know about them, they are Crate & Barrel's younger, "hipper", little sister. I wish they were in SD but the closet one to us is in Santa Monica! The clean lines of their sofa's might not be exactly what you're looking for, but it's still a cute store to wander through! Happy shopping!!

    (I do really love this little chair though I'd never buy it! =D)

  4. I just bought the Natalie mustard couch (along with the whole set actually!) and I didn't really take a proper photo of it. I googled it and saw your post! I bought the set in Costa Mesa, too :)))

  5. I haven't made it out to Santa Monica (yet!) but West Elm and CB2 is in my near future! And Diana...I would love to see a picture of how the couch looks in a "normal" living room. I can get kind of swept up in the showroom environment and I love the Natalie sofa but fear I might regret going with such a bold color. How are you feeling about it? Completely loving it? Or having a twinge of regret? I totally appreciate your input!

  6. It's being delivered on the 3rd of next month (that was the soonest delivery date, boo). I think the set fits well with my home, we have a very umm, eclectic to say the least, home! Our walls match the blue in the pattern, with some yellow and white decor. We have a hot pink kitchen, a bright purple office and a lime green front door. Sounds so awful in writing, but it's a land of fun when you come in :) I'll come back and give you a link when I post them on my blog :)))

  7. Haha! Land of fun...I love that description! I can't wait to see pictures!