November 7, 2011

Closet project.

I'm about to give you a peek into something that very few people (if any!) have seen. It's normally hidden away behind these lovely doors so you can't see the mess that's inside.
My closet.

 It's important to remember that I live in a 425 square foot space and that this is the only closet I have so everything from my suitcase to my Swiffer is shoved in this space.
 It's an IKEA closet system and it's surprisingly deep so I'm able to fit a whole lot of stuff in here, it's just the way that everything is shoved in that's the problem. This upper shelf stores a whole hodge podge of items - craft stuff, table legs, checkbooks, etc. I can barely reach the top of those black containers and couldn't quite get all my yarn in there. Hello, lazy. Let's just leave it hanging out.
The bottom half is worse...
 Paint supplies, hamper, shoes, pillows, tools, suitcase, not to mention everything inside of the suitcase!

This needs some serious attention and will be my project this week! I'm going to start by completely emptying the closet and starting from scratch! I can't wait to share the results! Wish me luck :-)

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