December 5, 2011

My own private Lost tour.

 As promised, I wanted to share a few of the Lost sites I found while I was in Oahu! I know there are plenty of sites completely dedicated to Virtual Lost Tours but since I am a huge fan and I know that some of you are as well, I wanted to share!!

Call it dorky, but it was so exciting seeing those places in person! I could just picture Jack, Sawyer and Kate wandering around the island! So here we go...

The Kualoa Mountains near the Kualoa Ranch. This was home to Hurley's golf course and lots of other scenes!
This is the opposite view looking out towards the ocean - but Hurley's down there golfing!

The mansion that Hurley bought for his mom! 
This is Police Beach near Haleiwa on the North Shore. It wasn't a very clear day and I think their beach was actually around that little green peninsula, but you get the idea :-)
 Remember when they built the raft and Walt was taken by the others?? Oh my gosh....such a good cliff hanger!! 
I didn't realize this was even a filming location when I took the picture! I just thought the big tree in the middle of a field was kind of pretty.

Turns out it was the tree where Kate and Tom dig up their time capsule in a flashback.

This is Lana'i Lookout...
And here's creepy Ben...

I also went on a little expedition through the Turtle Bay Resort to find the huge Indian Banyan tree! I walked from the parking lot, passed the tennis courts, passed the stables, through some open paths, and then I saw this sign...I figured I was getting close!
 I walked a whole lot more and just when I was thinking of turning around because it was hot, I had no water, I was wearing flip flops, I hadn't seen another person for at least a mile or two, and I kept hearing noises from the jungle (smoke monster!)...I saw it!!!
This gigantic Indian Banyan tree!!
 This is where Charlie was strung up by Ethan...
 Where Sayid tortures Sawyer...
And where Kate just stands there...
 I also learned that most of the jungle scenes were filmed on these trails - also the Turtle Bay Resort - although, I didn't explore them very much (noises = smoke monster).
  Man, do I miss this show! After seeing all these sites, I want to watch it all over again!!!  

Anyway, if you are not a fan of lost, you might not have even made it this far! If you did, thank you! And don't worry, I'll return to more crafty blog posts soon!


  1. Hi there! We are headed to Oahu next month, and our friend who is traveling with us wants to do a Lost tour. Which one / company did you go with? She's a die hard Lost fan like you :)

  2. Hi Heather! I'm so jealous...I can't wait to go back! As for the tour, I did not do anything official. I just googled a lot :-) There are a ton of websites that breakdown the locations and give you directions and even mapquest links to each site. I know there were a lot of things that I didn't see, but it was free so I'm okay with that :-)

    One thing I did before my trip was subscribe to the Honolulu groupon and living social deals...I ended up getting a circle island tour for something like $30 when they are originally around $80! You may get lucky and find a Lost tour!

    Hope you have a great trip!