December 7, 2011

Closet makeover.

I think I've come as far with little closet makeover as I will for awhile, so I wanted to share the results! I have a pretty small closet and I felt it was unorganized and kind of all over the place. Here was the before with things kind of shoved in everywhere...
Here's a closer look...
I started by changing out all of my plastic white hangers for the space saving, huggable hangers and what a difference they've made!! It's so uniform and clean looking...I love it!!
For the top shelves, I purchased two large cardboard boxes...
 ...and 3 white containers from IKEA to provide some uniformity with my storage.
 I knew I wanted a place to hang my necklaces so I took some cork tiles, which I purchased from Target, wrapped them in wrapping paper and then used two sided adhesive stickers that came with the tiles to hang them on the inside of my closet doors.
 I've also started using this space to pin clothing receipts - that way if I've bought something and then  realize I don't want it after all, the receipt is right there and easy to return.
 The cork boards on the other side I've been using for miscellaneous items like a few scarves and fabric swatches. By the way...this picture gives you a little peek into my next post! It's Christmas time...yay!!

Anyhow, the side by side before and after isn't all that miraculous, but I can definitely see and feel a difference! The hangers and uniform storage probably make the biggest impact on me!
I just feel so relaxed when I have a nicely organized closet! I just hope I can keep it this way :-)

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  1. This is great inspiration, and I love the huggable hangers!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. What is a huggable hanger and where do you get them?? Thanks.

    1. I bought mine at Target! But I've since seen them for less at Ross, HomeGoods, even Costco! They have a velvety finish so nothing slips off and they are a little thinner so they take up less room :-)

  3. I'm your newest follower from TDC-stop by for a visit!