March 19, 2012

Long Beach Antique Market.

On Sunday morning a few friends and I braved the cold temps and wind to explore the Long Beach Antique Market! And by cold, I mean 50's - which is practically freezing by Southern California standards! The rain and cold kept a lot of vendors away, but it was still a great turn out!
There was definitely an eclectic blend of merchandise...see for yourself!
There were crates.
Vintage scales like this one that my friend Jill snapped up for $16! She passed on the sleeping doll.
Mannequins arms, anyone??
If arms aren't really your style, how about heads?
There were faux tree stumps, too! These had some sort of plywood top...but they looked good!
This ornate mirror was beautiful!!
More vintage crates.
This barn door was only $1000 and they deliver :-)
One booth was full of cute vintage fans.
And there was a unusually high amount of taxidermy related items.
I don't think a can spray paint would work on this guy, so I went home without him :-(

Overall, it was a super fun morning and for my first visit - I was not disappointed! I definitely plan on going back! Oh and admission is only $5 and it's every 3rd Sunday of the month - rain or shine! So if you're in the area, you should check it out!

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