April 3, 2012

Mini fridge makeover.

While wandering the end caps at Target last week, I saw these little white baskets that were originally $12.99 but marked down to just $3.68 each!!
 Do you see that tiny little "70" in the corner of the red tag? Did you know that little number in the upper right hand corner is the percentage of the markdown? These guys were 70% off! Score!
Once I got them home, I decided they would be perfect to hold a few of the miscellaneous items in the fridge! Thus starting a mini fridge makeover.
And while this wasn't sale or clearance, I bought a matching container for my freshly squeezed orange juice! I've been keeping my milk in the glass container for awhile and I just love the look of it!
 And last but not least, this was an idea I saw on Pinterest that I traced back to 7th House on the Left! It's such a simple idea on how to make an item we all have in our fridge pretty yet functional!
I picked up the shaker at The Dollar Tree and filled it with baking soda! It's labeled for safety, of course! We don't need anyone mistaking it for grated parmesan :-)


  1. I love your refrigerator makeover. Fun ideas. Love the orange juice and milk containers. Oh and the baking soda...good idea. Thanks for sharing!!