April 2, 2012

Twenty minute organization.

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I decided to tackle a small organization project that's been on my list for while and it only took me 20 minutes! So let's get to it...

My bathroom is pretty small and it lacks a medicine cabinet, so when I moved in my medicine ended up in a small wicker basket stored in the cabinet above my microwave.
It worked in the beginning but then started to get a little messy with things just shoved in :-)  
So to tackle this, I dumped everything out, consolidated bandaids (I didn't need three boxes!), threw away old or expired items and started putting them back into a cute little hobby box I picked up at the Container Store for $5.99.  It really can't get any easier than this!
 It comes with a little divided tray that sits on top and that is perfect for the smaller items.
 And since it's clear, it's easy to see what's inside and access things when I need it.
But it's still nice and contained!
The whole project took less than 20 minutes from start to finish...if that!

And just an FYI - The Container Store is having a big spring sale so if you have one nearby and are craving some organization, you may want to check them out! This little box wasn't the only I bought, but more on that tomorrow!

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