April 27, 2012

Quick catch up.

Hello everyone!!!!! Oh my goodness, it has been way too long since my last post! I know it's been long when two people in two days have asked what's been going on! Thanks, Jill and Jamie for the accountability and kick in the pants :-) 

So what's the deal? Well, it's simple. Since I don't have the privilege of being a full time blogger, I also have a full time job (which I thank God I LOVE!) But because of that, I need to fit in projects after work and on the weekends and combine that with April and May being my busiest time of year - this little blog suffers the most :-) But with summer and longer days approaching, I hope to pick things back up again!

So what better way to ease back in than with a quick and random catch up...so here we go!

This was a picture posted on Craigslist that both weirded me out and made me laugh. I have since begged Jill to please post pictures of furniture for sale with her children's face blotted out! And of course, it's the furniture that's for sale - not the child.
 My sister sent me this sweet picture of my little nephews a few weeks ago. They live up in Portland and I'm counting the days until I head up there in June! The view is just breathtaking!
 A neighbor was having a yard sale last weekend and I scored this little nightstand for just $5! He's going to be coral (well, maybe it's a she!) and is already sold to a friend of mine.
 This one was also $5 from the same yard sale but I'm not exactly sure what it's future has in store. Time will tell!
 I have really fine hair and was recently convinced to try Chaz Dean's Wen haircare system - I'm a huge fan of Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis and any regular viewer knows that Chaz's salon was a regular feature and I figured this was about as close as I'd ever get to Cole. This stuff is pretty good and it made my hair super soft and easy to style. My major issue would be volume and shine - as in I really want both of those things! This product definitely gave me shine but I felt like it weighed my hair down after a few uses. I ended up using it for 3 days and then used regular shampoo and conditioner and used Wen again this morning. Overall opinion - I like it but not enough to spend the 30 bucks on a regular basis.
 And lastly, we've had some beautiful skies here in L.A. recently....this was last week after a little storm rolled through. Just gorgeous!

So there you go! If the wind keeps down, I plan to finish the coral nightstand after work today and will hopefully post the final after by Monday!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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