April 10, 2012

White dresser.

There's something about white furniture. It's so classic, and clean and looks good practically anywhere! Plus, like I've mentioned before, it tends to sell quickly :-)

So when I picked up this beauty at the Habitat Restore, it was a logical choice to go with white! It was a pretty dresser before, but now she's stunning!
She's also bigger than she looks. Gosh, what a horrible thing to say, even if is about furniture! Haha! I just mean that she's a sturdy, solid piece and will, hopefully, make someone very happy!
The entire piece is solid wood and the drawers were in great condition!
While we were staging and taking pictures, my friend Jill's little boy, Grayson, just couldn't resist getting in on some of the action!
He's seriously the sweetest little thing and is practically the 3rd member of our design team :-)


  1. I love white furniture. That dresser is amazing.

  2. that looks so pretty! love the classic shape and that last picture is adorable! :)

  3. Totally agree about white furniture! It's a breath of fresh air. Love the dresser!

    Kathy (new follower)

  4. Furniture looks great! But the last picture with the child looks perfect...

  5. Such a cute little dresser, it would look great in any color!