September 4, 2012

A new rug.

Nothing quite warms up a space like a nice large area rug! They naturally define a living space, provide a focal point, enhance a color scheme, and add a layer of warmth - all things that I desperately want for my home!  I've been wanting to invest in one for quite some time but because I was working my debt snowball determined to get out debt, any sort of big purchase like that had been on hold. So for 15 months, the only rug I had was this $20 beauty that I picked up at IKEA.
There's a pretty good chance this rug lives in your home, too! It has served me well but has always been way too small for my space.
Here's an old picture of my bedroom showing how it's barely the width of the bed...
Or in this space after I switched things around and turned my bedroom into my living room...
The rug just didn't so the space any favors. But again, I made due with what I could afford - which is what I will always suggest!
So what's the point on this post?? To let y'all know that I finally bought a new rug!
After a few hours of going back and forth, I finally settled on the Homespun Inspire Rug in Charcoal from Rugs USA. It had great reviews which definitely helped my decision. I am so excited and CAN NOT WAIT until it arrives!
And talk about a bargain! It was regularly priced at $469 but it was 75% off so the total was just $117.25 plus free shipping!
I'm feeling some furniture rearrangement in my future :-)

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  1. I LOVE that rug. I'll have to keep an eye out for CRAZY deals like that. I'm still mind-boggled by how pricey rugs can be. I have that IKEA one in red, and I know quite a few people with it in gray. It's a great bargain when you're pinching pennies!