October 27, 2012

$3 Furniture Find.

I was scrolling through a local trash to treasure Facebook page last week and saw this bad boy...
The lister was moving and just needed to get rid of furniture so she listed this end table for only three dollars!! I figured I could easily give it a coat of white paint and be done with it but decided to try something new. Since it was only a $3 investment, I figured if it went terribly wrong, I could just toss the whole thing out and not give it a second thought! But I actually like the way it turned out! 
 I'm not normally a shabby chic or distressed kind of girl, but this table wasn't in the best shape (it was only $3 after all!) so I decided to paint the legs and base white and use a wipe off painting technique on the top (that I saw on Pinterest!) to kind of give it a stained/distressed look.
Here it is all cleaned off...
And then primed and painted white...
 Already looking better, I started painting. Since I wasn't sure how it would turn out, I just did a small section at first...
 I let the paint sit for a few minutes or so and then I wiped it right off. Complicated, I know.
Since I liked how it was turning out, I kept going!
Here's the final product...
And just for kicks....the before and after!
Not bad for three dollars!


  1. I love the "paint and wipe" technique. Did you sand at all after it dried? I hate sanding. Love the look it creates, but hate sanding. Its nice to get the distressed look with no dust making. :) Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Audra! No...I didn't sand it at all! I hate sanding, too!

      I used an old washcloth that had some texture to it and when I wiped it, the paint came off in all the right places. Definitely some luck involved in that process :-)

  2. what a steal! it looks awesome- love what you did with the top!

  3. Oh the table turned out sooo cute! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Fine that google translater could help you ... works it better the other way round? When you try to translate some english texts into german you sometimes get bellyache from laughing out loud ;-)