March 28, 2013

Progression of a bedroom.

I was just working on another post about some changes I'm making to my bedroom and was thinking about just how often I change things around. I've always liked and embraced change but looking through my pictures made me realize just how much!
I change things all the time.  Like, a lot.
So just for fun, I thought I'd share the different states of decor that my bedroom has been in over the last two years. Now two years doesn't seem like a very long time and if you break that into how many fairly significant decorating changes I've made, it's just one every three months :-)
Going back to the beginning when I first started Suite Revival we have one of my first DIY projects - turning an old frame into a headboard. The main thing I loved about this headboard (besides the cost!) was how versatile I knew it was going to become! It started out like this...
But once I fell in love with this ruffled duvet from Urban Outfitters and ordered it, the red flower print didn't work. So I recovered the headboard in a yellow. I kept this look for awhile through my move from my grandpa's house into my own place...
Then I went through a black, white, gray and yellow phase! I liked this one a lot :-)
After a few months or so, I bought some new living room furniture and did a big overhaul by switching my living room and bedroom and somewhere in there painted my dresser aqua.
Here was my bedroom during that switch...I transitioned to white and purple with this duvet cover from IKEA.
 Then I switched my living room and bedroom back to the way it was and began moving towards coral. I painted my lamps first but kept the yellow headboard until I found a new fabric...
 Here's a picture with the new coral printed headboard and some fun purple chevron pillows....
 I stuck with this for awhile but last fall decided to change things YET again! It all started with the black and white throw from IKEA. Once I brought that home, I thought it would be fun to shift my colors to navy, pink, and gold. Why not, right??
Here's what it looks like today...
So what did I change?
  • I bought a new starburst mirror from Pier One - it was on clearance and I had a gift card so it cost me nothing and yet adds some drama to the room!
  • I recovered my headboard in navy (about $10 for the fabric). I also added a new bed skirt in the same fabric.
  • I hung my white panels again but this time opened them up because the starburst didn't hang right over them like my mirror did a few pictures up.
  • I bought new navy and white striped bedding including pillow covers (on clearance at Target for $18.)
  • I spray painted my coral lamps in a metallic gold (already had the paint.)
  • I replaced my suitcase tables with matching IKEA Rast side tables which I painted, stained and added new brass pulls (total cost for both was $81.)
  • I added two pink throw pillows ($8 on clearance at TJ Maxx.)
  • And of course, the black and white throw (from IKEA for $20.)
People tend to think that it costs a lot to redecorate, but I'm firm believer that it doesn't have to! The total cost of this little makeover was just $137 give or take a few bucks. Obviously, I used a lot of things that I already had plus I didn't spend all of that at once - it happened over the course of a few months so it didn't throw off the budget :-)

There are still a few things I'd like to change including hanging another white curtain panel over the window to the right and buying new lampshades that aren't brown but until those things happen, I'm really enjoying this look!
But will it look like this in 3 more months?? Probably not.


  1. You have the touch, Rachel. Great creativity on a budget, love it!


  2. Hi! I've been looking at things to do with my room and I saw this on Pinterest. Is that the same quilt in the last three pictures? It looks white in one of them and cream in the other two. I'm looking for a cream quilt just like that and I was wondering if you remember where you got it.


    1. Hi Tessa,

      Yes, it's the same one! The lighting was just a bit different in the pics. I'm about 80% sure that I got it at Target - it's a duvet cover.

      Good luck in your search!