April 9, 2013

Stage it till you make it.

I know these pictures are a little late but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to share them! A few weeks ago, I helped stage for an open house. Now when I say stage, please know that I'm using that term very loosely! This project was not your traditional staging - it involved a lot of cleaning and a lot of clutter clearing! It also involved painting and overhauling the kitchen (but thankfully, that wasn't my job!) There was a great team working on this property to get it ready for listing and believe it or not, it was a lot of fun! 

 So here we go! The pictures on the left (the before) were all taken about a week and half before the pictures on the right (the after). Seriously, a week and half! Crazy. 

Family Room:
Family room from the kitchen:
Dining room:
Living room:
Master bedroom:
And a final collage of pictures...

Getting a house ready to sell is not an easy task but it is so worth it!! The homeowners has been doing a lot of  work so when I came in and took the "before" pictures, everything was disarray, furniture had been moved, and the kitchen was about to be updated. Everyone was working on fast forward with the open house looming but thanks to great teamwork, we got it done! 

Oh and the Realtor received about 5 offers following the open house - all above asking price! 
Mission accomplished :-)

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