September 6, 2013

Margaret's House Update.

Hey everyone! I hope all of my local friends are staying as cool as possible....this heat is completely unbearable and makes me long for fall and winter even more than normal! Please hurry....I can't take this for much longer!
Okay. That's enough whining :-)
Despite the heat...the work at Margaret's House is moving along and I thought I'd give you a little update. If you forgot what it look liked or don't know what Margaret's House is, you can check out all of the before pictures and read about it here. Those were all from the MLS listing and were chock full of wallpaper! Lots and lots of wallpaper!
But now look...the wallpaper is gone!!
 Unfortunately, it didn't magically come down! Wouldn't that be amazing though? Anyway, Ross and Sarah are wallpaper removing machines and did it all over the course of a few days.
There was a bit of water damage near that left window but other than that, the walls were left in really good shape.
It's all moving along really quickly and all of these rooms including the foyer have already been primed and painted! There were an awesome group of guys who "labored" on Labor Day to get that done! But unfortunately, I don't have pictures to share just yet.  I went to the house last night to drop off some donated goodies and it was just too dark for pictures.  But I can tell you that I love the paint makes a huge difference in updating the room! Since new carpet/flooring isn't in the budget right now that means....we are now ready to start moving furniture and decorating the space!
We're hoping to make some progress this weekend and I can't wait to see how it all comes together!
Until next time...happy weekend!

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