September 27, 2010

I think my great grandmother would approve.

This weekend I decided to tackle a few projects that required being outside in 100+ degree temps. Why you ask?? Because I'm impatient! When I think of an idea, I usually have to act on it pretty quickly other wise it consumes me and it's all I think about and since I have a full time job that also requires my attention, it's best to just crank them out!

With that said, my latest project was revamping a dresser that belonged to my great grandmother. It was passed down to my grandparents and now I have claimed it (partially because any relative that may have wanted it lives at least 1000 miles bonus points for being local!)

Here's the before picture:
This dresser has great character - I love the little legs and the variety and size of the drawers. It was in pretty good shape overall and the only thing I didn't care for was the wood color. So with the help of my amazing neighbors, I hauled the thing outside to prep for beautification.
I removed all the hardware, which I decided to keep because new hardware wasn't in my budget and I kind of liked them. I gave them a quick spray of primer...Followed by my new favorite...Painter's Touch in Granite!
I like to do the drawers first so they each got a coat of primer and paint!
Then it was the dressers turn...
After everything was dry (which didn't take long consider it was 142 degrees) and a call to my neighbor for some help, it came back inside. I decided it was too pretty to keep in an empty bedroom, so I brought into mine!
And here's the official after picture... I decided to turn my formally black lamps into a grey ones with the lovely granite spray paint. Eventually, I'll change the lamp shades, but that's not a priority so it'll have to wait. And here's one last look at the final product! I really, really love the way it turned out! The drawers are so much bigger than my previous dresser and it has the cute little cupboards that I adore! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!


  1. That is beautiful! I love the transformation. Oh, and your tv stand with side tables...brilliant!!

  2. The Isai family approves and LOVES yet another project!

  3. It looks amazing! Love it! You need to start submitting pictures to the Better After blog!

  4. Love it, love it, love it! Are you for hire? Seriously I have so many painting projects :)

    Just hung up your fall wreath again. I love thinking of you when I look at it.