October 21, 2010

Easy chair.

The other day, still on my chair reupholstering high, I saw this sad thing at Goodwill for $7.99. I knew I had left over paint and fabric so I impulsively hauled it over to the register.
Once it was home, I immediately unscrewed the seat and took the frame outside to dust off and paint....I really don't care for sanding so I skipped that :-)
While that I dried, I measured and cut the fabric to the seat and began stapling (which I love!)
And viola! It's done...it took all of 30 minutes total! For anyone who has old chairs that they no longer care for or ones that need a little sprucing up...this is seriously the easiest thing to do!! If you just don't have time to do it...bring them over and I'll do them for you!

1 comment:

  1. Joanne knows how to do that thing with the buttons--for upholstery. She can take you to the next level! Great work by the way!